Toast – Celebrate Your Launch, Digitally

Toast is a revolutionary new platform that helps brands manage scalable online product launches. Toast maximizes engagement, encourages audience participation, and cultivates a sense of community while promoting physical distancing. With multiple customizable features on offer, Toasts lets you create an exciting and unique product launch for a global audience.

Toast is robust and reliable with a proven track record of successful launches for clients that include Maserati, Lucid Motors, and VanMoof.

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  • Case

    VanMoof Online
    Launch Event

    We’ve never been able to share a launch experience with so many people at once. The VanMoof S3 & X3 launch was the most successful and most-viewed in VanMoof’s history. Right now, I couldn’t be happier!”

    Taco Carlier, CEO & co-founder, VanMoof

    Over 6000 live viewers, 4400 sales in the first 24 hours, 2020 sales +20% above target to date, over 100 press articles worldwide in just three days and 250 in the first week.

    “We garnered as much press in one week as in total for our previous product launch.” - CEO VanMoof, Taco Carlier


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    Welcome your guests with an engaging waiting room and countdown timer to build a sense of anticipation.
  • 2

    Dynamic Introduction

    Kick off your Toast event by creating a sense of occasion. Your introduction can feature a compelling mix of pre-recorded video, music, and live-stream content to excite and electrify your audience.
  • 3

    Enhanced Keynote

    Give your keynote speaker the floor and captivate your audience. Amplify your speaker’s performance with video, audio, live stream and interactive elements as they build hype for your product with its key features and innovations.
  • 4

    Product Reveal

    Lift the veil in spectacular style with 3D animated video, pre-recorded live-action content, and live-streamed demonstrations. Let your audience explore and play with a 3D digital version of your product using Resn’s advanced in-browser 3D system, Jelly.
  • 5

    Personalized Experience

    You can create a personalized launch event by tailoring the content to each attendee’s preferences and interests. Discover insights into which aspects of your product appeals most to your audience and deliver the right content to every individual.
  • 6

    Live feedback / Q&A

    A carefully coordinated live Q&A between selected attendees and your presenters will let your audience feel part of the show. Presenters and participants can be in multiple locations in different parts of the world.
  • 7


    After the show, your product will be the toast of the town as the experience transforms into a sunset version of the launch site where users can discover products at their own pace. Your sunset site can include features like real-time interactive 3D, using Resn’s Web3D pipeline Jelly, or a personalized video with our dynamic video platform, Cake.

Plus Much more

  • Unlimited Scalability

    Anyone connected can join
  • Clarity

    Everyone gets the best seat in the house
  • Insights

    Built-in viewer analytics
  • Invite-Only Option

    Exclusive experiences for media and VIPs
  • Localized

    Multi-language delivery
  • Multiple Events / Same Day

    Optional staggered global rollout for different time zones
  • Savings

    Time and money expenditure less than physical events
  • Sustainable

    Reduced environmental impact compared with physical events